Car Ceramic Coating

Essentially, Nano technology in the detailing industry uses a Mesopotamian trick from the 9th century. A trick in which potters created a metallic glaze based on copper, silver salts and oxides that created a dazzling effect on ceramics throughout the Renaissance era.

The term “coating” is merely a new term to identify these incredibly durable polymers. Because that’s all these Nano paint coatings are, polymers. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer protective product that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle.

Generally speaking, this coating is a liquid consisting of nano-sized ceramic particles that are suspended in a clear resin that, when applied, hardens into a virtually impermeable surface that is chemically bonded to the vehicle to which it is applied.

If applied correctly (and it can be tricky!), quality ceramic coatings will not delaminate or flake off the surface to which it is applied. And it is considered “semi-permanent” since it will always be there until the surface is scraped.

Once cured, most ceramic coatings will exhibit water repellent properties, increased paint gloss levels, increased abrasion and chemical resistance, and additional UV blockers to prevent color fading and paint oxidation.

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