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If you are in Riverbank and you have a messy auto, we share with you some tips to organize everything you carry in your auto and keep it impeccable at all times.

You’ve probably heard about the KonMari method and at least tried some of its techniques to improve order in your home. But why not keep your auto organized as well?

Tidying up not only helps to maintain the aesthetics of the auto and clear the view of distractions. It also allows you to keep your auto clean, save time, find what you are looking for immediately and identify what you need to get rid of unnecessary objects. Therefore, we give you some ideas to apply in your vehicle and take advantage of these benefits.

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The glove compartment

Use the glove box to store everything you need to reach in a few seconds every time you’re out driving. The key is to arrange each item so that you can easily see it when you open the glove compartment and, more importantly, put it back in its place after use.

  • Use a document holder to carry all the car’s documentation, as well as proof of payment of insurance, license plate and manuals.

auto clean and tidy

  • Carry your sunglasses in their case in the glove compartment. You can also attach them to the driver’s visor with some accessories to have them even more handy. It is best to have a pair of sunglasses exclusively for the car.

auto clean and tidy

  • Other items you can carry in the glove compartment are napkins or tissues, alcohol gel and wet wipes. It is best to get a transparent case, because it will allow you to see the contents immediately.


  • You can also keep your flashlight and a multipurpose cloth (well folded) in the glove compartment. Place them in such a way that you can reach them without having to take anything out.

The passenger compartment

The cabin of the car usually has special spaces to store or carry things, and, to keep order in the interior, it is best to take advantage of them.

  • If your car has a storage space in the central armrest, you can use it to store sunglasses (if they don’t fit in the glove compartment), notepad, pen, GPS holders, chargers or USB cables for cell phones and anything else you need to have within reach while driving. If you can get cases for the cables, even better.


  • Don’t forget to always carry a garbage bag and empty it before it is completely full.


  • If the seats have a pocket in the back, take advantage of them to keep the window shades, magazines or books, to avoid them falling on the floor of the auto.


  • There are fabric organizers that can be hung from the headrests and allow rear passengers to keep everything handy. Getting one is an excellent way to make better use of space.

auto clean and tidy

  • Don’t forget to leave the fire extinguisher in the passenger compartment, under the passenger seat or in the place where it should be according to the design of the auto. If it is loose, it may take you some time to find it, and in an emergency situation, every second counts.


  • Carry your first aid kit in a case and don’t forget to replace its components every time they wear out. If it does not fit in the glove compartment, always put the case in the same place in the passenger compartment, so that it is accessible, and put each item back in its place after use.

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The trunk

“Put it in the trunk” can be one of the most dangerous phrases when it comes to keeping order in the car. But there are many solutions to optimize space and make it easier to find everything you need right away.

  • If you like to carry everything in the trunk, you can use stackable plastic boxes, which allow you to store a lot of things. If you get transparent boxes, you will be able to quickly identify what you have put inside. However, following Marie Kondo’s advice, do not stack the contents: try to organize them vertically so that you can access everything without having to take out other things.

auto clean and tidy

  • If you use the car for shopping, one idea is to make a trunk divider like the one in the image, but don’t forget to place the most fragile items and those you need to have on hand on top.

auto clean and tidy

You can also get collapsible cloth bags and leave them in the trunk for when you need them. Some of these bags will even keep your frozen food cold.

  • If exercise is your thing, mesh bags are great for carrying balls or other sports equipment without them becoming projectiles or getting lost in the auto.


  • The safety kit is a must-have, and it is important that you can access it in a few seconds. Therefore, it is best to get a case or use one of the boxes mentioned above to keep everything together in one place.


  • Another of the things that are usually placed in the back are tools and the most advisable way to store them is inside a box, a bag or case that allows you to keep them all together, move them and rearrange them without losing anything.

Veras Bonus

  • Don’t wait for chaos to be generated before tidying up. Every time you take something out, put it back in its place. It seems simple in theory, but practice shows us that it is not. Doing this saves you time in the long run, especially if you tend to lose things in your car.


  • Put at hand what has to be at hand. Think about what are those things you rarely use and prioritize the spaces closest to the driver’s seat to place the essential items you use while driving.


  • Do not carry more than necessary and do not use the auto as a storage room. Everything you carry “on the road” takes up space that could be used for more important things. They also contribute to clutter and make cleanup more difficult. If when you go shopping you can’t fit everything in the trunk, or if every time you look for something you have to take out items you didn’t remember were there, it’s time to get rid of some things.


  • Empty the garbage bag before it fills up to prevent it from overflowing in the middle of a trip.


  • Avoid eating in the car, as it not only generates garbage, but also bad smells, stains and crumbs. When cleaning, you will notice the difference.


  • Vacuum often. Don’t wait until you see that the car is full of dirt to do it. If the things you carry are tidy and you follow the previous advice, it will not be necessary to spend a lot of time on this task.

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